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in addition to the purchase price of your parcel, there are other expenditures, which must be made.
listed below are the major costs. all costs are subject to change.

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 2. estimated one-time charges when purchasing a parcel

stamp duty (5% of purchase price amount over us $10,000): 

  us $

  administrative filing fee (2% of purchase price):

  us $

prorated portion of yearly maintenance assessment: 

<us $250
(us $250 yearly fee for residential parcels or us $500 for commercial parcels)

 [calculation: number of remaining days in year  锟?nbsp; by 365  x  $250 (or $500 for commercial)]


3. total of estimated sales price and one-time charges when building a home
water connection fee:    us $300*
electric connection fee:    us $500*
telephone connection fee:    us $200*
architectural review fee:    us $100*
total of 1+2+3    get paid to share amazon links

*these fees are not due and payable at closing. the purchase of land will not require payment of these fees. however, these fees may be incurred upon the building of a structure on your parcel, if and when a parcel owner so desires to do so.


 4. estimated annual charges, exclusive of utility use fees
property taxes on average unimproved parcel after sale:    us $

(approximately 1% of the parcel purchase price or

assessed value of your land by the valuation section of the government of belize).

maintenance assessments by community owners association:    us $250*
(either us $250 for residential parcels or us $500 for commercial parcels)

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