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"belize's low cost of living is enough to make it one of the world's great retirement havens."

jackie flynn, publisher, international living

belize: the top english speaking retirement haven in the caribbean




"i have so come to appreciate the culture and people of belize from the whirlwind tour of the country that i use every minute i have with the first lady to learn more about the future of belize. the master plan for tourism and growth ensures that this country won锟絫 be a spring-break capital anytime soon. and the locals are more than happy about sustained development."

adam pitluk, americanway

by land and sea



"it's this magical atmosphere that makes many vacationers who come to belize fall in love and decide never to leave."

"with picturesque sunrises, breathtaking beaches, warm caribbean waters, cool trade winds, lush rainforests, magnficient waterfalls and a people as warm as the year-round tropical weather, belize is the perfect place to immerse yourself in a life of leisure - your very own carefree and tropical paradise."

alex gamero, discovering belize

living & retiring in belize



"for a seriously unique dive experience, there's no place like belize's blue hole, the world's largest underwater sinkhole."

heather sellors, divetime

belize - scuba diving paradise



"just under 90 miles north of belize city, easily accessed by the northern highway, is the corozal district, an adventurer's paradise with rainforests, coastal lagoons, and miles of untouched beaches.  peaceful and pristine, the corozal district beckons swimmers and divers to its crystal waters, sunbathers to its shore, and hikers and homesteaders to its tracts of tropical wilderness."

kathleen peddicord, international living

peaceful, politically stable, close to home, and english speaking



with its rain forest canopies, mayan ruins, stunning scenery and the longest barrier reef in the western hemisphere, the tiny nation tucked between mexico and guatemala is a great place to combine eco-thrills with fun-and-sun time."

k.c. summers, the washington post

in belize,you can fly high and lie low



"the country of belize is a traveler's dream. the people in central america's smallest country are friendly, the landscapes are beautiful, and wildlife abounds throughout."

thomas wyatt,

travel in belize

visiting belize, central america's smallest country



"looking for an excellent place to snorkel and dive in belize? look no further than the half moon caye natural monument, located 50 miles southeast of belize city."

portia j. lino,

half moon caye natural monument

snorkeling and bird-watching




some say it's the best in the world!"

escape from america magazine

"belize's new residency program



"fish! everywhere! right beneath me a school of little neon blue fellows flitted through a stag horn coral. snorkeling was like birding underwater."

lisa fugard, new york times

exploring belize's lush landscapes



"i'd never had such an active or thrilling vacation."

bonnie friedman, new york times

bits and pieces of an alter ego



belize in general is my top get-away-from-it-all, back to nature, retire-off-the-grid pick. it's also one of the world's top banking havens right now, a place where privacy still matters."

kathleen peddicord, escape from america magazine

top 10 overseas retirement havens



"unless you're an archaeologist, you're never going to see sites like you see in belize," said john moses of thenational speleological society, an education and conservation organization based in huntsville, ala.

stephen regenold, new york times

the caves of cayo: an inside look at belize



"the scuba-diving and snorkeling are world-class."

dwight garner, new york times

backcountry belize



"belize, the former british colony wedged between mexico's yucatan peninsula and guatemala, has been known for its dazzling barrier reef and islets; recently, however, inland belize, with little-explored maya ruins, rain forest and underground rivers, has been gaining tourism momentum."

martha stevenson olson, new york times

tours of every stripe



"in birding circles, belize is considered a crown jewel. more than 500 species have been recorded here (there are only about 800 in the entire united states), their variety far superior to the sparrowy brown commoners that loiter at mom's bird feeder back in memphis."

laura boswell, new york times

the plunge



"i've swum the waters of half a dozen caribbean islands, but never before have i seen such a vast array of marine life in one place."

"in belize, you're speechless a lot. get used to it."

k.c. summers, the washington post

please belize me



"with an average temperature of 26 degrees centigrade and sea temperatures around 30 degrees centigrade, with brisk prevailing winds off the caribbean sea to cool the country, belize is a mecca for divers and bird watchers and really can be described as a paradise, it is possible to retire in belize quite easily."

shelter offshore

all about retiring in belize



"well, the fact of the matter is, belize is a real opportunity for british, american and western european retirees and pts (private thinkers, perpetual travellers...) alike."

"the nation is english speaking- which appeals to americans and brits alike; it's part of the commonwealth meaning that the queen is chief of state - and its dollar is intrinsically linked to the us dollar. all of these factors are in the country's favour for british and american retirees in particular..."

shelter offshore

retire wealthier and happier in belize



"whilst it is often said that the journey is half the adventure, when belize is the destination much more excitement awaits you."

shelter offshore

living in belize things to explore



"consider the cayo is still cheap here, there are few international retirees and the landscape is quite unique in belize with some rivers, low hills and woodland that make you forget sometimes that you're in a tropical country!"

shelter offshore

finding the best place to live or retire in belize



"corozal or possibly orange walk would be right for you. on the one hand life's quite quiet in this neck of the woods, property prices are attractive and there are far fewer expats that in the cayes... but at the same time., the proximity of mexico and the mexican city of chetumal means residents here actually have easy access to a whole new world where there is fantastic shopping, great nightlife and superior amenities such as medical facilities for example."

shelter offshore

finding the best place to live or retire in belize


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